Mayor Dean Taps Emmylou Harris, Kix Brooks & Jack White for Music Business Council


In a quest to bolster Nashville's trademark "music city" moniker, Mayor Karl Dean has assembled a coalition of suits and stars to comprise his newly created "Music Business Council." According to News Channel 5:
The Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce have brought together a 46 member Music Business Council. The panel will include some big names, including country stars Emmy Lou Harris, Kix Brooks and guitarist Jack White. The goal of the council is to keep and attract creative people to Nashville. Members will also advise the mayor on projects including a new downtown amphitheater, expanding the CMA Music Festival, and creating a new, non-country music festival.
Well, first of all, we already have a non-country music festival. It's called Next Big Nashville. The White Stripes, or Raconteurs, or Dead Weather or whatever Jack White is up to come September should play it. That would be a start. As far as a new amphitheater goes--the city could definitely use one. Let's just hope the process of building it doesn't result in an arduous big-ticket boondoggle. All in all, I'm really looking forward to our city finally capitalizing on its musical heritage to draw in tourism. Can I donate money to tax dollars?

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