An Open Letter to Jack Lawrence


Pictured: American Hero
  • Pictured: American Hero

Dear Jack,

Thank you for returning those stray keys at Melrose Billiards last night. Even though we took them, it turns out they weren't ours. (We thought they were hers, she thought they were ours.) We gave them to the bartender.

We thought it was kind of funny that you ended up with our balls (ha, balls) and our table after Tracy Moore's cover story and ensuing brouhaha. Your brave online defenders were not shy about letting us know (in an occasionally aggressive manner) that you're a nice guy.

And hey, we don't know you, but based on our one brief real-life personal interaction, we think you are a nice guy. Tracking us down and handing over the keys was a small gesture, but it was appreciated and duly noted. So thanks again.


The Spin

P.S. You have pretty hair.

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