Condo Fucks Invading Nashville (Yo La Tengo in the Hizzy)


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The Condo Fucks are here! No, not the people living in the Gulch. We've had our eyes peeled ever since members of Yo La Tengo were spotted about town--first at The Privates' EP release show at The Basement, then at the Robyn Hitchcock show at Exit/In. A source close to Yo La Tengo--let's just say the band pulled a Pavement at their wedding reception--confirms that they are in Nashville mixing a new album with producer Roger Moutenot. Though they usually record here and mix in New York, they're doing it the other way around this time. Why? Because they're the Freewheeling Yo La Tengo, that's why. I, for one, have been craving Prince's anyway, so today might be the day for a take-out stake-out.


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