Sightings: Bob Rock Seen Doing Lunch With American Bang



While eating lunch today at Sub Stop--a great place for industry sightings--we noticed the rail-thin rockers from American Bang waiting to order lunch with a another guy who had a dated mane of blonde hair reaching to the tip of his blazer. We nearly lost our composure when this man turned around and revealed himself as none other than meta-slick producer Bob Rock. Known best as the guy who drove a stake into the heavy metal heart of James Hetfield, we could only wonder what his involvement with the artists formerly known as Bang Bang Bang could be.'s time for some wild speculation. He's either: A) become an executive at Reprise and was talking to the guys about album artwork or something; B) meeting with the band to talk about producing their next record; or C) ALREADY producing the band's next record. Given that the lunch meeting appeared to be very brief, and that the members paid for their own meals, we suspect that the Nashville band and Canadian producer have already entered into a working relationship. So, does anyone know anything? Is American Bang working on their St. Anger? (See above.)

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