Full Make-Out With Violence Soundtrack Now Available



The official SXSW trailer.

So we told you when the folks from the Make-Out camp first made their five-song Let's Get Awesome EP available. But, oh, that was just a paltry little taste. They've just made their full, epic-ass, 44-song soundtrack available for purchase. The two-disk soundtrack is $15, and you can buy it with Paypal or a debit or credit card at the Make-Out With Violence website, email limerentpictures[at]gmail[dot]com to pay without those pesky shipping costs, or wait until the Nashville Film Festival, when you'll be able to buy it in person.

The Non-Commissioned Officers will be performing songs from the soundtrack April 23 at Mercy Lounge with further acts TBA. I hope they play that "Sweet Eleanor" song from the trailer. That one's mah jam. Check out the album art and track list after the jump.


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