Monday Morning Mystery Haikus



It is far too often that we open ourselves up, let down our guard, create or participate in something completely questionable or ridiculous and then blame it on boredom. I make no excuses for what you are about to read, nor am I offering any explanations.

Simply put, I have taken the concepts and my opinions of 15 local rock bands and described them in haiku. I'd say most of them are pretty easy, some have multiple interpretations, but all pertain strictly to local bands.

Feel free to "solve" them or add your own in the comments.

A video game

Inspires epic rock saga

Geeks rock and rejoice

Stage full of players

Create a wall of pet sounds

You've heard it before

Synth pop lays ground for

Indie dance pop sing-a-longs

Europe thinks it's cool

His dad's an outlaw

Playing new songs that sound old

Replacements cover?!

A band of brothers

Rock out stoner punk anthems

But can they play well?

Mix guns and landscapes

To create hyped up rock band

The songs ain't too bad

Elvis Costello

Inspired band of hipsters' name

You still don't like them

Handheld percussion

Has never been so unkind

This pop has power

Two guys push buttons

Result is fun to dance to

Max Tundra approves

Cream trolls all loathe them

We dare not speaketh their name

Nudie suits not cool?

Mall punk and cocaine

Are sweet dreams not made of this?

Geffen don't think so

A guy in ski mask

Programs beats that could kill you

Do you like these jams?

Raw power rock band

Named after mammary parts

Kick out the jams, dude.

Heard Kings of Leon?

It was probably these guys

They share bell-bottoms

Big cats and dairy

Acoustic rage gone unheard

Band name not so good?

Three little ladies

Wild women who love chicken

and honky tonk punk

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