Weekend Round-Up: He's Back Style! Part 2


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"Bye-bye, y'all!"
  • "Bye-bye, y'all!"

Sorry, guys. I have no news to bring you about Miley Cyrus. There did, however, seem to be pretty good turn-outs everywhere I went last night. 'Cause, you know...I go to all the shows on the Round-Up list. Here's the haps for Saturday evening:

Superdrag's playing an in-store at Grimey's at 3 p.m. Tonight, it's their album release at Exit/In w/Mic Harrison and the High Score & The Privates. If you still haven't checked out the post where Maloney slobbers all over John Davis, go ahead and do that.

The Clutters w/The United Front & Vandaveer at The Basement. Because The Clutters are pretty bitchin'.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit w/Deer Tick & Sons of Roswell at Mercy Lounge. Some Southern-imbued jams visit the Lounge.

Night No. 1 of The Cardinals' two-evening stint at War Memorial Auditorium. So I think we're supposed to call them "The Cardinals feat. Ryan Adams" now. Or maybe just "The Cardinals." Hell, how about "His Majesty Ryan Adams and the Cardinal Underlings?" I kid. I totally like that song "Halloween Head."

The Black Diamond Heavies w/Caitlin Rose (backed by Hammertorch) at 527 Main Street in the 'Boro. Cato's also playing a show with Tristen at Whole Foods this afternoon, so peep that if you like awesome female duos and tasty food.

Candy Apple and the Buddies w/The Good Hustle, Chris Crofton & The Garland Sisters at The 5 Spot. That's The Garland Sisters sans Caitlin Rose. She can play two shows in a day, but not three. She is a human, you know.

I also caught wind last night of some sort of DJ set thing that may or may not be transpiring at Omni? I don't think I'm quite hip enough to be allowed details on these sorts of things. I'm just baited with vague little clues and expected to follow the fedoras to the party. Well, if you have details on that situation or any other show you deem worthy, let us know. Happy Saturday.


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