Parts and Labor: Where to Get My Turntable Repaired?



A few years ago, my record player stopped working, so I asked a friend to recommend a repair shop in Nashville. He said I should try [Name Redacted], so I did. They (at least at the time) outsource repairs, and referred me to [Name Redacted], which was--to put it as politely as I can--fucking shitty.

It took almost two months to get my turntable back, and when I did, the problem hadn't been fixed. So I brought it back. And it took almost a month to get it back again, at which point the original problem had been fixed, but a new one had also been introduced. I decided that instead of not listening to records for however long it was going to take to get things straightened out, I would just not bother. So, $100 later, I basically have an automatic turntable that can't do anything automatically.

And now, the ol' B.I.C. is shitting the bed again, and I've decided I want the thing fixed, for real, so I can stop manually returning the tone arm after every side and actually listen to a stack of records for a change. I know I could go buy one of them fancy USB turntables like somebody got as a wedding gift last night, but on top of having superior features (when they work), this thing's also got sentimental value, since it was part of my parents' stereo when I was growing up. (I heard Patsy Cline, "The Little Drummer Boy" and Ride the Lightning for the first time all on this same machine.)

So, you Cream readers who were very helpful with my car stereo situation (even if I still haven't gotten around to doing anything about it): Where should I take my record player to have it repaired?

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