Golden Nugget: Videos of Wilma Lee Cooper Playing Cannery in 1985, Stevie Ray Vaughan & More


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While perusing YouTube I came across some freshly added videos of bluegrass legend Wilma Lee Cooper performing in 1985 at what is now the Cannery Ballroom. (Via user urgnnaluvit.) I really did love it and think that you will, too. Cooper's otherworldly vocal prowess is in full effect during this performance, and she also comes off as a super nice lady. Take a look after the jump for more Nashville YouTube nuggets.

I'm sure some of you remember Sean Maloney's post on Stevie Ray Vaughan from last fall titled "What's the BFD?" You may even remember my follow-up post, "What's the BFD? Part 2." Some of you readers out there were less than pleased with our characterization of the fallen guitar god--one guy even called me a "dooooshbag"--so in fairness to all you SRV fans, I'm going to include this recently posted clip of Stevie Ray playing Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" at Starwood in 1987. (Via Larzei.)

Recently I posted to let you know that funnyman Jack Black would be playing Opry at the Ryman. That went down last Saturday, Feb. 28. Here's a video of that for good measure. It's pretty entertaining. Thanks to YouTube user ourdance801 for this one.


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