Drumtopia: The Theater That Drum Solos Built


Yo Tom Cruise! Check out this paradiddle!
  • Yo Tom Cruise! Check out this paradiddle!

Anyone who knows a drummer or two can tell you that we're a bizarre breed. Take Adam Gold's massive Bono boner, a truly disturbing phenomenon he likes to wag in the faces of anyone who's listening (or not listening). Take Tommy Lee's sloppy, gravity-defying Tacoma loving. Take this awesome little girl's frighteningly competent Rush chops. And take, most recently, the multipurpose home theater Donny Hackett designed for an anonymous (but clearly loaded) Nashvillian rock drummer.

The owner used to be in a 1980s rock band and kept his drum kit in the attic. Hacket [sic] designed to keep the drum kit there and design the entire room around it...The drum kit is positioned in a corner of the room and has been fitted to allow the drummer to dim the lights by pressing the foot pedal. The drum set can also be used normally when the owner wants to practice or jam with friends.

Now, I know all sorts of musicians are weirdos. But I'm not so sure a guitarist would design an entire room around his bitchin' Schecter, programming the black lights over his velvet Hendrix posters to snap on each time he played a G minor. Anyhow, any guesses as to who the anonymous drummer might be? The dude from Stryper, perhaps?

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