Ghostland Observatory Return to Cannery Ballroom Mar. 27


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On the heels of their sold-out show in November, Ghostland Observatory will be returning to the Cannery on Friday, Mar. 27. When digging up info on the electro duo for a piece on them this past fall, I suffered a bit of Ghostland overexposure. I was intrigued by their novel recording techniques, and the man behind the synths (Thomas Turner) definitely struck me as a talented fellow. But after listening to every single track the dudes have recorded, reading a handful of lengthy bios and feeling slightly blown off due to their canned answers to my interview questions (only slightly blown off--I understand they're busy guys), I'd pretty much had my fill.

But here's the thing: They put on an epic show. Like the music or not (and these days I'm leaning slightly more toward "not"), their performances are huge and their lasers are intense. Does it take artists like Girl Talk and Ghostland to get Nashvillians involved in a live show? Maybe that's why I have mixed feelings. Either way, this show will doubtlessly sell out yet again, and Aaron Behrens--as you'll see above--can cut one hell of a rug. Tickets are already on sale.


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