Cream News Alert: Secret Morrissey Show at The Basement Canceled!



The Cream has been privy to some astounding news this morning regarding a certain celibate English singer and a local record store. The annual Alliance of Independent Music Stores (AIMS) convention--starting Feb. 24--is going to be hosted by Grimey's and taking place in Nashville. The event is closed to the public, but will include a series of shows at The Basement. One of which was going to be a secret Morrissey show (to take place Feb. 25). I shit you not. I also regret to inform you that the secret is out BECAUSE the show has been scrapped.

The Cream caught wind of the rumor yesterday and have now been informed, by an unnamed source within the Grimey's camp, that the promoter's "fiscal scenario has mandated a cancellation." Lost Highway Records has a "developing" artist or two that they wanted to get on AIMS shows and their quid pro quo was to offer the services of a marquee artist on their roster. Morrissey begins a tour on Feb. 28 in Boca Raton, so it seemed like everything was gonna work out. It's not.

This might seem like it wouldn't have been as big a deal as Metallica's secret show, Metallica being a significantly bigger band. However, don't doubt the psychosis of the rabid Morrissey fan. The former Smiths singer is the patron saint of confused sexuality and it shows in the legions of dudes that run onstage and throw themselves at him during EVERY SONG of his shows. Like in this video:

It's a bummer this fell through. It would have fucking insane. Questions regarding whether or not Lost Highway has lined up a large act to take Moz's place were met with an emphatic no. But anything is possible.

In other Grimey's news, we were told that Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant came into the store not once but twice last week. He first came by to look around and buy some R&B compilations. Staffers showed their appreciation by giving him a Grimey's T-shirt. The T-shirt was the wrong size so he came back to exchange it and was later spotted at Bongo Java sporting the new digs. He supposedly also made inquiries about The Basement. Maybe we'll get a secret Zep show. Like I said, anything is possible.

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