There's Going to Be a Concert at Sommet Center! [Updated]



Sorry for another blind post. I got an email saying there will be a press conference today at Sommet Center to announce a Major Concert Event Coming to Nashville. I ignored the email at first, since I figure there are lots of concerts at Sommet Center, none of which warrant my going to a press conference to find out about them. Then I got a voicemail saying that the mayor would be making the announcement.

The mayor?

Of course, Gold thinks this must mean U2 is playing because they are, after all, "the biggest band in the world," and they have a new album coming out in March. With all due respect to U2 (I actually quite enjoyed Bono's op-ed piece for the New York Times), I don't think the mayor would call a press conference for that. Which begs the question: What concert is big enough and important enough for the mayor of our city to take a break from this whole English-only thing and say, "Hey, everybody, _______ is gonna play a show!"

Your guess is as good as mine until the press conference, which is at 11 a.m. Who do you think it is?

Update: As I told Gold when I saw him, "It involves the number two."

As in, Elton John and Billy Joel: Face 2 Face. Saturday, May 30. Tickets go on sale this Saturday.

The mayor announced this. Seriously.

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