Hey, You Dude Who Walked Up to Me and Started Talking About Moshing and Stuff



You know the drill. Hot local rock shows, hot people to be hot with. This time, a young lass with curly dark hair at Cafe Coco's punk/metal show Saturday night ran into a few dudes and realized later she might have missed out on a real bona fide good time. For the record, I was at this show, and it smelled like boy balls, which technically kinda smells like Fritos and Mountain Dew. But when you're 18 that's still fairly intoxicating, I think.

I had a couple of interactions and/or brief encounters with people during the show, and I'm wondering if I passed up any opportunities I should have taken. There was that one dude that walked up to me and started to talking to me about moshing and stuff...and there were some dudes I just looked at or whatever. hahahaha I was in a dark green hoodie and had dark brown, curly hair. I feel pretty lame posting this, but I'm really curious and bored at the same time. I really hope creeps don't reply to this. That would suck.

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