Berman's Thoughts on Silver Jews' Jan. 31 Bluegrass Underground Show



By now perhaps you've heard about Silver Jews' Jan. 31 Bluegrass Underground show at Cumberland Caverns. According to the BU website, Arnett Hollow will be opening. Mr. David Berman himself anticipates great things. Straight from the horse's mouth [sic]:

well monotonix will be in fur one pieces playing drums with dinosaur bones and zildjan clamshells. I think i want William Tyler to depcit Chakha from Land of the Lost; tony crow will be deposited inside a Lascaux-Wildlife printed tuxedo from Petsmart Couture...but seriously there will be some major items. one thing i can tell you is that the silver jews credo "what we do is symbolic" is definitely in play here. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the last silver jews show. We have a couple of shows in south america in the summer but that's it.

So there you have it. Whether or not Willy T. dons a Cha-Ka body suit, I'm thinking this could be the show of the year. At the very least, it will be the finest spelunking-rock-and-roll hybrid event of the winter season. Tickets are $15.

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