Original Gangster or the Blues: Charlie Louvin, B.B. King Among Your Choices Tonight


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He lays down airtight, sinister rhymes about a hard life and hard times: murder, fast women and death. On the inside of his new album, you can see him posing, pimped out in a black leather jacket, rings on his fingers, holding a pistol like his hands are haunted. I'm talking, of course, about Charlie Louvin, whose new album, Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs, is released today. Louvin plays an in-store with Those Darlins at Grimey's, free at 6 p.m.

Another guy who's been around the block a few times and is wiser for it is B.B. King, who plays the Nashville franchise (one of three nationwide) of his own club tonight. We already gave away the tickets we have, but the club website says that tickets are available at 615-256-2727.


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