Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill Admits to Struggling With Anorexia



In a recent interview with Q Magazine, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill admitted that he has, in the past, struggled with anorexia.

"I always thought I wasn't good enough." To combat what he saw as a weight problem, he said he would do press-ups until he couldn't go on and would go running run [sic] on blisteringly hot days wearing a heavy tracksuit to shift the excess. He would also drink coffee constantly. "Anything to keep my hands and mouth busy without eating," he said.

I'd first like to state that we at The Cream have standards, and we wouldn't poke fun at matters as serious as eating disorders. Now, I--unlike other Cream Team members--don't really give much of a damn about a rock band's image. Haircuts and waistlines and carefully styled facial hair don't seem to have much bearing on the music itself. Except, of course, for the fact that if a band is clearly obsessed with their image, it's a pretty good indicator that there isn't a whole lot of substance behind the scenes.

But anorexia is a different story. Karen Carpenter was a superb musician, and we all know what happened to her. That being said, can a body image issue be chalked up to a "disorder" when the victim claims he cured himself by getting high?

The phase ended when [Followill] began to smoke marijuana, he said, and gave in to the associated munchies. Now he has brought his desire to exercise constantly under control although he would prefer be [sic] a little more bulked up. "I want to look like I can defend myself. I want a guy to look at me in a bar and know that he can't talk shit to me or run me over, even though he probably could," Followill added.

I mean, really? Again, anorexia is no laughing matter, but Kings of Leon have proven to be a laughing matter on occassion. You're telling me if someone had only handed Growing Pains star Tracy Gold a doobie, she never would have starved herself half to death? I'm certainly no expert. Perhaps a quarter of kind bud and a strange alpha male state of mind sans the alpha male physique are all you need to kick manorexia. So if Followill genuinely does suffer from this terrible disorder--this disorder that should not be made light of or bandied about in order to garner empathy or respect--then I congratulate him and wish him luck in dealing with his disease in the future.

(Via the Guardian.)

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