Brad Paisley Green Screen Challenge



"Ever gone on a message board and said, 'I don't like the new Brad Paisley video'?" Me neither, but that's what Brad Paisley asks in the new Brad Paisley video. Well, in the intro to the Brad Paisley green screen video challenge, anyway.

"This is probably the worst idea we've ever had," Paisley says, "letting you put me in any situation you want."

I almost detect a note of disdain there, but he is being a good sport about it. (The actual download is on Paisley's site.) Now, even if you're not, uh, a Brad Paisley fan, the grand prize is a Sony HDR-SR10D 120GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder! Which sounds awfully expensive! And you get to put Brad Paisley anywhere you want. Even opening for The Mattoid at The End.

Better yet, the name of the song in question is "Start a Band," so the video script should pretty much write itself. I'm gonna try to work in breakdancing Obama somehow. Contest ends Jan. 29. If you make a funny one, let us know.

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