What's in a Name? Bad Band Names Part 2



Some of you may recall Sullivan's completely hilarious "What's in a Name?" post from about a year and a half back. Well MOJO's recent blog post "What's the Worst Band Name, Like, Ever?" got us thinking about just how disproportionate Nashville's pool of terrible band names truly is.

While Sullivan's list is great, it focuses mostly on decent bands with marginal or bizarre names. With this list, compiled by Gold and myself, I intend to document some genuinely bad band names. No excuses. Nothing borderline. Just straight up WTF.


So brutal it's actually kind of not brutal at all.

Brave New Whore

Better than Cowardly Old Whore.

Dissect the Coroner

Who says irony has to be subtle?

Donkey Show

I think I saw them one time in Tijuana. Or maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Flinn Pomeroy and The Whiskey Mustache

If you're going to have a name no one remembers, might as well do it with style.


According to their MySpace, they have a forthcoming album named Areola 51. I'll just leave it at that.


"Why did you put on a metal CD? I thought you said we were going to play some Minesweeper."

Misplaced My Zombie

Damn that confounded zombie.

Pushy Lips

They quit their day jobs as cock shuckers to form this band.

Run Zombie Run

Like Run Ronnie Run with fewer laughs.

Self Contained Suicide

Well, that's polite of them. The last thing you want is one of those messy, uncontained suicides.

I know you guys have some more to bring to the table....

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