Scorched: Perry Baggs Pink-Slipped by the Tennessean



It makes me sad to even type this, so I'm just going to paste in an email I received from a loyal reader/blog contributor who sometimes goes by the handle fluffernutter:

You probly already knew this, but among the casualties of the Tennessean's bloodbath was Perry Baggs, a librarian and sometime member of Jason and the Scorchers. He's got horrendous, barely controlled brittle diabetes and is not always well. I can't even imagine what it will cost for him to get insurance on the private market -- he already has to hold occasional fundraisers to pay his bills. The Scorchers don't take him on the road much. As he says, "They think I'm already dead."

Ouch. If you see Perry, tell him you're glad he's not dead. Or something nice, at least. Offer him a job if you can. These are tough times and it seems they'll be getting tougher before they get less tough. So let's take care of each other, or at least people with the same taste in bands and clothes.

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