Rage Peppers, Forget Cassettes, American Bang, MC 24/7: Your Cream Weekend Planner



Well, you made it through another week. How are you going to cut loose, now that late start times are no excuse for staying home?

On Friday, one question you could ask yourself is, "Am I feeling at all '90s-core?" If the answer is yes, you've got two promising options.

Option 1: Forget Cassettes will be playing the loud-quiet-loud stuff with Sincerity Guild & Nite Nite at The End. If you're also feeling a little angst-y, post-rock-y, or eyeliner-y.

Option 2: Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers cover bands at Exit/In. If you're also feeling a little sex magicky and Che Guevara-y, not to mention shirtless-ponytail-high-toppy and slightly douche-y.

Saturday, the choice basically comes down to "rock" versus "urban." You know those words are coded, right?

Option 1: Check out the urban stylings of city dwellers American Bang at The Basement, as they move you to the music that they are playing on their guitars and other urban instruments. (With The Tits and Modoc, 9 p.m.)

Option 2: Conversely, get a load of MC 24/7 (ex-Spooky Johnson) as he rocks steady on the microphone at Cafe Coco. Sucker MCs can call him "sire."

Too bad Keith Urban's not playing, because that would be the trifecta.

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