Thanksgiving Eve in Nashville: Where Is Rock?


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So it's Wednesday again, Nashville. Only this time it's Thanksgiving Eve. You're not leaving town like half the town, so what to do? If you like songs about Dickerson Pike and/or your mom/John Denver and/or wrecking balls and your mom, The Alcohol Stuntband and The Tits will be playing loudly and somewhat discernably at the "cellar full of noise" known as The Basement. A nominal fee, one presumes, at 9 p.m. Mention Bonnie "Prince" Billy and qualify to win a special prize. Over at Mercy Lounge, it's either the return of Hans Condor or a band called The Return of Hans Condor. They will be supported in their rocking by a band called Tall in Tokyo, who I am willing to bet are not Japanese. Free at 9 p.m. Because there were no Marshall stacks on the Mayflower, the good folks who constitute the Old Time Jam will be kicking it Pilgrim style over at The 5 Spot starting 'round 7 p.m. And by "Pilgrim style" I mean there will be beer. You got plans for your pre-tryptophan trip?


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