Hey, You Green Plaid Dress-Wearing, Panther-Tattooed Lady



One of the big reasons we tell you about local shows is so that you can go to them and hopefully meet someone really hot that you'd like to be hot with. Like that time we told you about that hot dude at The 5 Spot that someone wanted to get hot with. Only this time the hotness was exuded by a brunette full of smiles and intrigue at the Lonely Hearts show there last week.

You were wearing a green plaid dress. You had a tattoo sleeve on your right arm. Beautiful Chestnut hair parted to the right. Brown cowboy boots. An intriguing panther tattoo on your right leg. Everytime I came to talk to you, you were talking to someone else. You caught eyes with me several times and we exchanged smiles. If you want, email me and we'll see if we can connect.

The 5 Spot strikes again! I suspect it's the good lighting.

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