Turbo Scoot: Turbo Fruits Have a New Rhythm Section



File this one under Not Really Hot Goss ‘Cause This Shit’s Been Substantiated: Turbo Fruits have a new lineup. With the departure of John Eatherly and Turbo Max, two-thirds of Kintaro are stepping in. Zack of Kintaro and Wes of Kintaro, MEEMAW, Saigon Baby/Wizards, Wieners(?) and probably more, shall henceforth handle the Turbo groove. And they’ve allegedly been working on new material already.

And remember the news of Turbo Fruits being considered for some sort of Taco Bell promotion? Well they didn’t win. It’s down to six bands. (Underoath, to name one shitty example.) Regardless, Wes informed us that Turbo Fruits got $500 in Taco Bell bucks, and that's as good as gold for a young rock band. We wish their intestinal tracts the best of luck.

The new lineup will be playing with The Outlaw Lovers, The Tits and Werewolf Killers at The End Nov. 15.

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