The Commie Went Down to Georgia: Charlie Daniels Fears Socialism



From his home in Mt. Juliet, country music's very own Santa Claus recently waxed political on our economic crisis. Daniels expressed concern on his ever-thought-provoking blog Soap Box that the economic bailout plan could lead to more pork-barrel wool-pulling, and worse:

This is a huge federal power grab, a giant step toward socialism. A socialism that will come on so subtly and in the guise of noble sounding benevolent public programs that America will one day wake up and wonder how we got into this mess.

Paranoid much, C.D.? What exactly is the mess we'll find ourselves in? A 1984-esque dystopia with free healthcare? Regardless, Daniels clearly has some legitimate concerns. Besides, according to the article Sullivan shared with us, "country singers tend to be populists more than anything."

Populist, elitist or otherwise, you can view the debate amongst friends—Futureman and How I Became the Bomb to name a few—at Mercy Lounge tonight. OK, it might be slightly partisan. Flyer after the jump.


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