Pirates of Nashville: The Fall Guy



Remember that time "Cotton" Covington, the son of country music legend Webb Covington, was up on manslaughter charges because that one dude got killed in his L.A. recording studio? And professional stuntman/detective Colt Seavers had to come to Nashville to help straighten things out? And the Charlie Daniels band got involved?

Well, if you watch part two, maybe you'll remember that Vandy was hosting Bama that weekend. ("Kid, if Vanderbilt wins, I'll sing that stupid song of yours on the biggest stage in Nashville." Foreshadowing!) Oh, and you'll see Dottie West packin' a pistol on each hip, too.

Parts three, four and five, for your viewing pleasure (even if that freeware logo is kind of annoying.)

Drink a beer every time someone says, "Here in Nashville."

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