What's the BFD About Stevie Ray Vaughan? (Part 2)


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Cream readers who were less than pleased with Sean Maloney's musings on newly uncovered Stevie Ray Vaughan nuggets will surely love this 2002 clip of (former Icarus Line, Nine Inch Nails') guitarist Aaron North's attempt to "liberate" Stevie Ray's guitar from a protective case and plug it in during a SXSW performance at Austin's Hard Rock Cafe.

The brazen act resulted in numerous death threats against North. But six years later, the young guitarist is still alive. So I guess Stevie Ray Vaughan fans don't have the balls to back up their saber rattling. Don't mess with Texas, my ass!

For those of you who still lament the untimely passing of SRV, look on the bright side: At least you were spared the embarrassment of a Santana-like release featuring your sacred cow teaming up with various flavors of the month to aid and abet him in the betrayal of his own god-given talent.


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