Get Sauced With John Lennon on Wednesday


"You gotta serve yourself / Ain't nobody gonna do for you," John Lennon sang in 1980. Of course, he was talking about religion and making fun of Dylan, not waxing didactic about the service industry. But thanks to the Flying Saucer's commemorative new Lennon glass coming out on Wed., Oct. 8, you can serve yourself a brewsky any old time! We only ask that you curse up an anti-establishment storm while doing it. Oh, one quibble: The press release says: "The glass will be featured on Wednesday, Oct. 8—the actual date of Lennon’s birthday." All sources say Lennon was born on Oct. 9, not Oct. 8. Anybody know what's up with this? Anyway, deets: John Lennon Glass Night Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. The Flying Saucer UPDATE: The publicist acknowledged that Lennon's birthday is Oct. 9, and that the press release was mistaken. Regardless, Flying Saucer Glass Nights take place on Wednesdays, so the date for the event, Oct. 8, is correct.

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