Tonight: Drown Your Debate Fears in Booze, Bands


Tonight's VP debate is kind of a big deal, y'all. Even if, or especially if, you think Sarah Palin is to politics what faux lesbians are to feminism, i.e., a total train wreck wrapped in a travesty rolled in a steaming pile of crap. The good news is, you can catch most of tonight's happenings right after that shit winds down. Or, just skip the debate and reach for the booze. After all, apathy is our most-exercised American freedom. Just be careful what show you choose, because behind these scruffy facades lie some of the most fiercely divided political affiliations since the Summer of Dreamz. Options: In the 'Boro, the Obama-supporting Led Zep tribute Black Dog are at Wall Street, battling against the economically challenged McCainiacs Luna Halo at Main Street. In Nashvegas, your favorite bands MEEMAW and JEFF have the audacity (of hope) to play The End again, while Mock Orange, Eureka Gold and And the Relatives are the mavericks holding ground at the Mercy Lounge. (Crazy political junkie Battletapes produced the new Mock Orange record.) There's an Obamarama In the Round at the Bluebird and at Edgehill Studios, but that's a tough sell up against the so obviously Cindy McCain-approved Costume Couture Halloween Fashion show with Mona at Exit/In. Indecision 2008! More listin's right here. If there are any other happenings of interest, I'll try and find 'em and bring 'em to ya!

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