Nathan's Hot Dog: Kings of Leon Like to Watch



I forgot to bring in the latest issue of Nylon (the "It Girl" issue, with Zooey on the cover) so that I could share the tale, as told in that magazine, of Caleb Followill's songwriting process for the new album. (It involves injuring his arm in a fistfight with his brother, then taking pain meds, which took his writing to a "higher" plane.) Well, more mystifying than that is the tale, told by Nathan F., of how "Sex on Fire" was written:

And your new single: What was the inspiration behind the single “Sex on Fire”?

I would say … really good sex. Caleb was writing it, but it was him watching the others having really great sex. He used it as inspiration.

Is that a normal Kings of Leon group activity?

Only when we’re Pineapple Expressed. It makes all the inhibitions kind of disappear. [Laughs.] No, we’re just all at a point where, you know, early on we just partied. We did as much as a band could do in ten years and wrapped that up in about three. But now, we all got girls, have relationships, and have regular sexual encounters.

That's so rock 'n' roll. Or maybe it's just gross.

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