The Spin: Nashville Cream Two-Year Anniversary Party at Mercy Lounge



The Privates. Photo by Megan Woolfolk.

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Dessert, anyone? The way people attacked the confections table Saturday night (mmm, donuts and beer!), and the way the bands kept bringing the sweet, sweet rock, we half-expected to wake up Sunday morning afternoon with our teeth all but gone, along with our hearing and our voice. Let's just say that this year's party was a fucking blast, and we have you to thank for that.

Under the new skull 'n' cones Cream logo, Stories That Live got things started with a bang—but not a Bang Bang Bang, as the Falls City Angels cover everyone kept threatening to play never surfaced—clearly reveling in their rendition of Meemaw's "Blue in the Blacklight," and even playing a rawked-up version of a certain song whose title includes the words "black" and "magic." (Shhh.)

Determined to keep the rafters shaking, The Privates (pictured above) took the stage and completely ruled from note one. Better-than-a-drum-machine Rollum Haas powered the band as they not only put the "life" back in Lifeboy, but also pulled off what might have been the evening's ballsiest cover choice, taking on Paramore's "Misery Business" with the throttle wide open.

The Carter Administration chagrined us a bit by emphatically gang-shouting the "we own this town" line from Ole Mossy Face's "Calls and Walls," but you know what? We forgave them pretty fast, because they ripped through an awfully convincing version of Apollo Up's "Walking the Plank," making us simultaneously miss that band and love seeing the Carters carrying their flag.

Cortney Tidwell proved once again—though it hardly needs proving at this point—that she's a Nashville treasure. She delivered, in the same set, both a gorgeously spot-on rendition of "I Still Miss Someone" (backed on harmony by Alexis Powell of Festival) and a full-throated, cranium-rattling cover of JEFF the Brotherhood's "Screaming Banshee." Brother Jake Orrall, standing up front, said aloud what we were thinking: "That made my year."

More to come in this week's dead tree edition.

Stories That Live:

Superdrag, "Keep It Close to Me"

Meemaw, "Blue in the Blacklight"

De Novo Dahl, "Jeffrey"

Magic Wands, "Black Magic"

The Features, "God Save Rock & Roll"

The Privates:

Kings of Leon, "The Bucket"

Lifeboy, "You Bring Me Down"

Joe Pisapia, "Dancing Partner"

Slack, "All Along"

Hotpipes, "Where is the Shore"

Paramore, "Misery Business"

The Carter Administration:

Stateside, "Phonograph"

Ole Mossy Face, "Calls and Walls"

Apollo Up!: "Walking the Plank"

The Carter Administration, "Tons of Trouble"

The Carter Administration, "These Boots Were Made For Knockin' " (MANRS)

Cortney Tidwell:

Patsy Cline, "She's Got You"

Johnny Cash, "I Still Miss Someone"

Dave Cloud, "Lavender Clothes"

JEFF the Brotherhood, "Screaming Banshee"

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