Tonight: Oneida, Hotpants



Oneida at The End w/JEFF the Brotherhood, Dirty Faces & Jah Division Electric Sounds System (18 and up): In the 10-plus years Oneida have been together, they've become known for their energized and propulsive kraut-rock—just think of a more punk version of Can. Indie Jagjaguwar is their longtime home (Oneida even run an imprint, Brah Records, under the label's umbrella) and on August 5 they released their latest, Preteen Weaponry. It's the first in a triptych dubbed "Thank Your Parents," first conceived a few years ago and just now seeing the light of day. According to Kid Millions, drummer extraordinaire, the albums are a commentary on the state of recorded popular music. Oneida is known for misinformation and hooliganism, so that statement could very well be a bit of both. On Weaponry, the band finds their Secret Wars-era pulse again, but keep things a bit more meditative. —Brian Miles

Note: Cheap Time were originally on the bill, but they have canceled.

Hotpants Romance at Springwater w/Cars Can Be Blue (both also playing an in-store at Grimey's at 6 p.m.): Imagine a car with a stuck throttle that can only go 100 miles per hour. Put that car in a food processor—set to frappe—that's being dropped from a B-52 bomber. Then, in the ensuing maelstrom, imagine three women shouting at the top of their lungs about lipstick, dancing, love, candy and hell. While wearing hotpants, of course. This Manchester, U.K., band is so hugely, awesomely, wrongly out-of-tune and gloriously punk—they have the kind of fun only a band named after short-shorts could. And if that isn't enough for you, Nashville, they even have a song called "Effin' and Jeffin'," which, in addition to its inadvertent reference to a beloved local brotherhood, extols the listener: "You should start a band if you need to shout." Worked like a charm for them. —Steve Haruch

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