Get a Second Life: Nashville Guy Really Gets Signed Virtually



So, you sent your demo to Bruce at The End and haven't heard back. Instead of getting disheartened, or busking on Broadway, maybe you should take a break from posting comments as "Casio's mom" and starting "playing shows" on Second Life. A Nashville blues dude named Von Johin just got himself a record deal. On the interwebs.

From the Wired blog:

"Never before has a virtual character been signed to a worldwide recording contract," stated Warren Croyle, CEO of Reality Entertainment, the company that signed him. "Von Johin is legendary in the virtual community Second Life for his heart-pounding live shows."

The deal was made in much the same way as its real-world counterparts. Two scouts from Reality Entertainment spent several months looking for promising artists to sign throughout Second Life. "It was a hard decision, but Von Johin is the real deal, he is original and plays from his heart," said Pud Puchkina, one of the scouts. "Just the man and his guitar, with just these two instruments and a virtual appeal like no other, he brings crowds to their feet daily."

Pud Puchkina!

(Terrorist fist jab: Nashvillest.)

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