Obligatory Hard-Rock Post: Five Finger Death Punch Annihilate Nashville



Get extreme in your face with the balls-out, hard-hitting, extreeeeeme pile-drive of Five Finger Death Punch, who will charge, crush and annihilate your face with their balls-out, hard-hitting, extreeeeeme pile-drive of metal when they take massive steps and come to Nashville. They will pull out all the stops, which means there is no stopping them. They will also refuse to take any prisoners, which means you will be dead.

11/12 - Nashville, TN - The Cannery. (This seems like a City Hall show to me, but duh, City Hall will be closed by then.)

Frontman Ivan Moody commented on the upcoming tour: "After kicking ass with all our metal friends on MAYHEM this past summer, we knew that our next step had to be massive!! And after a list of brilliant projects we had the opportunity to tour with, we have put together an ANNIHILATING BILL!!! This fall, Death Punch will be charging back through the states with one of metal's premiere front women [In This Moment], the crushing sounds of long-time underground bad asses Bury Your Dead, and some stellar newcomers, Another Black Day. We are pulling out ALL the stops and we are taking no prisoners!!"

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