Next Big Nashville Bands Announced



Here they are. Well, at least most of them. After the jump you'll see 157 of the artists playing this year's Next Big Nashville, set to rule the local music world Sept. 10-14. 50 or so more will be announced early next week. Meanwhile, the actual schedule isn't out yet, so you can't quite plan your club crawl yet, but I hear the schedule will be set up with a web application that will allow you to choose your own schedule and see others' schedules as well. Nifty.

Every year there's a band name or two you haven't seen before, and this year for me it's Homer Hiccolm & The Rocket Boys. (Nice October Sky reference, by the way.) Sure, Superdrag are playing, but what happened to Some Hot Chicks and Bob?

Of course the real question is: Why isn't _____ playing?! The answer: Maybe they are. There are two slots open on Saturday night—one at The End and one at Exit/In—that will go to the lucky bands voted in by Nashville Cream readers. That's right, democracy rears its tight-ass jeans. (This has been in the works for a while, so no, it's not in response to a certain open letter.) We'll take your nominations in the comments, then set up the voting next week. Go!

13 Ghosts

500 Miles to Memphis

Aaron Robinson

All We Seabees

Altered Statesman

Alva Leigh

And the Relatives

Andy Davis

Angel Snow


Aron Wright

Audrey Spillman


Biscuits N Gravy

Brian Ritchey

Bryan Cates

Butterfly Boucher

Caitlin Rose

Cake Bake Betty


Canon Blue

Carey Ott

Cary Ann Hearst



Coral Castles

Cortney Tidwell

Cory Branan

Cougar Fight

Courtney Jaye

Dabney Morris

Danger Bear

Dawson Wells

Disappointed by Candy

Dead Confederate


Duquette Johnston

Eastern Block

Egon (Stones Throw records)

Elle Macho feat. David Mead, Butterfly Boucher & Lindsay Jamieson

Emily DeLoach

Eric Wilson

Erin McCarley

Eureka Gold

Ferraby Lionheart

Forget Cassettes




Greg Summerlin

Hands Down Eugene

Happy Birthday Amy

Harrison Hudson


Hollow Ox

How I Became The Bomb

Homer Hiccolm & the Rocket Boys


Jabe & The All Night Circus

JEFF The Brotherhood

Jennifer Niceley

Jensen Sportag

Jeremy Lister

Joey & Rory

Judd & Maggie

Katie Herzig

Keegan DeWitt

Kindegarten Circus


Kyle Andrews


Levi Weaver


Luna Halo


Madi Diaz

Magic Wands

Mando Saenz

Matthew Perryman Jones

Matthew Ryan vs the Silver State



Megan McCormick

Meghan Kabir



Mother Father

My Tyger

Natalie Warner

Neva Geoffrey

nite nite



Ole Mossy Face

Paper Rival

Paper Route

Parachute Musical

Peter Bradley Adams

Pico vs Island Trees

Pink Spiders

Plex Plex

Red White Blue

Repent or Forever Be

Rick Brantley

Ricky Young & The Slow Films

Roman Candle

Royal Bangs

Sam & Ruby

Sara Melson

Sarah Siskind

Six Gun Lullaby

Sons of Roswell

Space Capone



Tallest Trees

Ten out of Tenn

The Ascent of Everest

The Bridges

The Carter Administration

The Champion and His Burning Flame

The Clutters

The Comfies

The Deep Vibration

The Dexateens

The Dirty Guv'nahs

The Features

The Glib

The Good Wolves

The Hanna Barbarians

The Last Almanac

The Lonely Hearts

The Mattoid

The Nobility

The Non-Commisioned Officers

The Privates

The Protomen

The Running

The Titts

The Worsties

Through the Sparks

Tiger Tiger

Tigers Con Queso


Tommy & The Whale

Totally Snake


Tyler James

Umbrella Tree

Velcro Stars

Vulture Whale

Waves on Waves

We Were the States

Wess Floyd

Whispertown 2000

Willie Heath Neal

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