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Oh, What a Mangled Web We Leave: After flirting with fame and fortune, Nashville's most decadent local rockers The Pink Spiders lost a major-label deal and two of the three founding members—so now what? (Classiest Bob Ferrari quote: "We had, like, eight dudes in the same house and we were all just doing drugs and fuckin' the same bitches on the same days, sometimes at the same time.") Guitar Heroes: Def Leppard aren't ready to trade metal for Music Row just yet. (Playing Thursday, 31st at Sommet Center.) Tracing Influences: Grizzly Bear and David Vandervelde harken back while moving forward. (Playing Thursday, 31st at Mercy Lounge.) From Indie to Outie: What made What Made Milwaukee Famous famous. (Playing Wednesday, 6th at 12th and Porter.) Hot Chips: William Sides Atari Party and Giveupnewyork hack old video games. (Playing Thursday, 31st at The End w/Jensen Sportag.) Critics' Picks: Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Seawitch, King Crimson, The Howlies, Gladys Knight and more. The Spin: Richard Lloyd, James Jackson Toth, Big Nurse, The Clutters, Shoot the Mountain and more.


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