The Chin-Scratchin' Hipster Set Probably Won't Dig This: American Bang in Family-Friendly Show About Frat Kids


Have you guys watched that show Greek, the frat-themed, college-centered new dramedy on ABC Family? Neither have I. Tonight our hometown song-placement heroes, American Bang, are gonna be on the "Spring Break Season Finale," so I might think about maybe talking to somebody that has cable. But I'll probably just cross my fingers and hope it ends up on YouTube. If this were on HBO or Showtime, I'd be all about it, but how the fuck do you write a show about frat kids that ends up on a family channel? I might be dating myself, but when I was in college, the Greek scene was all about binge drinking, date rape and unprotected sex with multiple partners in dirty bathroom stalls while listening to shitty cover bands massacring Dave Matthews tunes—not exactly family fare, but hey, things may have changed. Greek airs tonight at 7 p.m. on a channel that I don't get.

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