Tonight @ Springwater: Old Rugged Crossdressers



Who are these Old Rugged Crossdressers? Why they’re irreverent, fun-loving country-folk with potty mouths and a closet full of frightening frocks. The local quintet display the scatological acumen of the Circle Jerks raised on a steady diet of Hank Sr. It’s hard to suppress a smile at their zany countrified humor—from their libidinous ode to conquest of O.P.P. and the spoils of the refrigerator and liquor cabinet (“Yer Girlfriend”) to their bluegrass-tinged theme song in which they declare, “I know that you think that I’m sexy, as I reach back and tape up my balls.” They may have their minds in the gutter, but the brazenness is amusing. They’re joined on the bill by the rockabilly country swing of locals the Country Misfits, the haunted bluegrass wail of Milwaukee’s Highlonesome and the minimalist acoustic folk of fellow cheeseheads Silentium Amoris. 9 p.m. at Springwater —CHRIS PARKER

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