WTF Japanese Website?!? Thanks For Ruining My Appetite



Jose over at the Indie Ghetto tipped me off to the Japanese version of the How I Became the Bomb website and I don't know if I should punch him or praise him. The web designer should definitely be punched for crimes against flash animation and the illegal/excessive use of Jack Black's image and likeness. And for turning Andy Spore into that fat girl that was naked and Internet famous for like fifteen minutes four months ago. That site made me puke a little in my mouth.

Mostly though, I think the Bomb's management probably need a big slap upside the head. Trying to sell HIBTB as a trendy "club band" is not going to work. They're not Missing Toof material, no matter how many filter-disco remixes of "Fat Girls" you commission. These guys don't go to clubs, they don't make music for clubs and if their songs work in that context it is pure coincidence. The Bomb watch professional sports, play video games and drink beer on the couch when Saturday rolls around—they don't get gussied up to boogie down with a nose full of blow. It's a fact. Face it.

Trying to force a contemporary "cool factor" onto this band is a recipe for disaster. It will reek of falsehood, the audience will smell it and they won't latch on. Indie dance is a genre that's running out of steam (again), but there will always be room for a great pop band, which I think The Bomb can be if they're allowed to evolve naturally rather than being forced into a scene that they are not a part of. Granted, some of their best songs are incredibly danceable but the best pop songs always are. The majority of the songs they've been working on lately are the kind of meandering, shapeless Grey's Anatomy indie swill that gives me nightmares and they should be pushed as far from that sound as possible. But they should not be pushed toward something that is obviously a poor fit. They are a quirky pop band and should be treated as such, frankly.

And while we're at it, who the fuck approved this video?

That shit is just wrong.

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