'Sin City Meets Music City': Fuse Nashville



I'll go, but only if she'll be there!

"Exclusive. Adventurous. Provocative. Sophisticated."

That's from the ad copy for Fuse Nashville, which touts itself as the newest addition to the club scene (opening June 1) that can boast bringing sexy, sultry, sensual, sinful Las Vegas to little ol' Nashville. A reader emailed to point out the irony of a club opening at Opryland Hotel—which takes its name from the Grand Ole Opry—that will feature a DJ rather than any of the abundant live local talents the city is known for. But if you're part of the condo-buying set, read on!

In June 2008, Nashville’s nightclub scene will be ignited in a way the city has never before experienced. Fuse will be sleeker, hotter and more desirable than anything currently existing in the Southeast. The enticing combination of music, original cocktails, mouth-watering tapas and sultry, red-and-black décor will seduce guests as they party like celebrities in pure VIP style. The signature lighting, the sexy dancers and pulsating rhythms will put all the senses on high alert. Fusing genres of music—rock, dance, urban, hip-hop, country—all moods and dance styles will be energized. The mix of sounds will increase the pleasure as the night goes on, blending artists and tempos into a euphoric hybrid of styles, just as Music City has done for the music industry. And a celebrity DJ will spin what the crowd craves. Fuse will be THE place to be seen in Nashville, taking the party scene to a new level of exclusivity and sophistication. It is what the hip crowd in Nashville—indeed Tennessee—has dreamed of but previously had to take a flight to experience.


Don't forget to bring your legs.

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