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Well folks, the search for a Murfreesboro correspondent is still on. There's been some interest, but apparently, even people who live there don't think there's anything to write about. Come on, Murfreesboro! I know you're all lazy and stuff, but sheesh. If there's anything you're good at, it's talking massive loads of shit you can't back up. In August, we'll be celebrating our second anniversary of this blog. We'll be throwing down at Mercy Lounge again, and this time, no dance parties. What we're aiming to do is rip off that 8 off 8th idea from a while back and have local bands play only local covers. What we want from you are suggestions for covers and the bands who should play them. Ideally, we're looking for fun bands who can "have fun" with the concept of "playing other people's songs." Bands who aren't "afraid" to "cut loose." Of course, there will be "booze" to help you. We'd also like to know the exact maximum number of times you could hear any one local song without wanting to torch the place. So let us know your favorite local party bands and your favorite local songs. Give us your Cream Dream lineup and set list. And bands, if you're interested in playing, email us at thespin @ and let us know what you'd play.

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