Dial M. for Maya or Milano



Tonight, fans of T.L.A. beginning with the letter "m" can have their pick of M.I.A. at City Hall or M.O.D. at The End.

Huh? M.O.D. is still around? Billy Milano's still alive? Back when I could actually carry on a conversation about whether D.R.I. was better than Nuclear Assault, I actually owned a copy of Speak English or Die on cassette. This was back when I could land a kickflip and before cassettes were cool. I mean, before they were (cool because they're) obsolete. I mean, before I forgot them and before they wouldn't listen. If you are a crusty metalhead, you must not miss this show. Also, you might consider going if you are a racist asshole, just to show everyone that you don't get the joke...or is it?

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