SXSW Day One: Put This One in the Books



Last night was my first-ever night of SXSW, or as it shall now be dubbed: The Night of a Thousand Beers.

Highlights: A quirky, endearing set by The Blow, the burrito I ate while sitting on a curb and the 15 minutes of R.E.M. that I caught.

Worst overheard comment:

Scene: The Blow at Emo's. The participants: two dudetastic dudes (T-shirts, vintage sneakers, plastic glasses).

Dude One: This isn't, um, really what I expected.

Dude Two: Yeah, she seems a little out of it. Maybe she's drunk?

Dude One: No, I mean, I thought she'd be hotter.

Today offers a plethora of goodies, so I better get moving. Check out my pictures from yesterday, after the jump.

Look who you can run into when you’re just walking down the street: It’s De Novo Dahl, working the hustle for their upcoming shows.


OMG! Now it’s American Bang, ordering tacos.


They just keeping coming! It’s Be Your Own Pet, looking young and ambivalent.


As Tracy reported, we checked out the Theory 8 Showcase. De Novo Dahl sounded really tight.


Look! It’s adopted local darlings Wax Fang.


They play music (very loudly).


And enjoy arm wrestling on a regulation rig.


I was able to sneak my way in to see R.E.M. at Stubbs for about 15 minutes. And what a 15 minutes it was: “Electrolite”!! “Fall On Me”!!!! I was far away, and Michael Stipe kind of looked like an ant, but I could still feel his energy. Brilliant.


I am working on my paparazzi skills. Here is Kevin from Wax Fang talking to Jim James from My Morning Jacket.


Earlier I saw Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘N Sync. No one else cared. I wanted to snap a pic but wussed out. Here’s one I found online.


Eventually the evening came to a close, with a human pyramid.


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