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Down at the Cannery (Photo by Eric England).

Review/Hot Rock: Hotpipes have a knack for off-kilter arrangements. (Playing CD release show Saturday, 1st at Exit/In.)

Review/New Tricks: Doug Hoekstra’s latest adopts a more elliptical narrative style. (Playing CD Release/Birthday Party (with full band), Thursday, 28th.)

Review/The Gospel According to the Mattoid: The Mattoid’s latest is a tale of death, honky-tonks and Eskimos.

In The Spin: Down, Caitlin Rose, The Spinto Band, Umbrella Tree and more.

Our Critics' Picks: Tommy and the Whale, Stevie Binge & the Fork Hunts, We Were the States, Less Rave, More Party, Wilco, The Chieftains & more.

Scenecast Epsiode 121 blows in like the proverbial March lion's pride with Tommy and the Whale, The Refugees, Wycliffe Gordon, David Dewese, We Were The States, Jason Isbell, Dharmakaya, Wilco, John Doe, Tommy Keenum, Robin Trower, Darla Farmer, Chieftans and Kathy Mattea.

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