Stamp Stain: Three Things We Noticed at Last Night's Show



Band of Horses

Exit/In (Sold Out)

1. The band opened with "Monsters" off their debut Everything All The Time. In my opinion, the slow-burn opener is totally lamecore. Especially after two opening acts and a lengthy sound check, open big.

2. There were an awful lot of dudes in the crowd who looked like they could have been in the band. I haven't seen that much flannel or that many beards in a good long while—well, except in Murfreesboro.

3. There were a few notable trad-country/Americana folks in the crowd: Thad Cockrell and Gillian Welch, to name a few. It seems like the band's turn towards a more Southern-tinged sound has won them some cred with the pedal steel and cowboy boot set.

3a. Ben Bridwell pronounces words weird sometimes.

For a complete overview of the Band of Horses show, check out next week's Spin.

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