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Wanna see the next phase in dance-club delirium? Head to Play on Church Street tonight, where DJ Ron will be showing off his beat-mixing skills with video clips. Thanks to some fresh software, a Vestax VCI-100 MIDI controller that resembles a sleek, gleaming 21st century update of the venerable wheels of steel—and a terabyte hard drive holding 10,000 songs and 4,000 videos—the veteran Nashville event DJ and 91/Radio Free Nashville radio host can spin, mix and even scratch videos the way turntablists do LPs.

The effect is especially cool on mash-ups, some of which DJ Ron commissioned from VJ or me-jay (media jockey) friends in New York. I was bummed that I missed the mix that spiraled "Rock the Casbah" into Beyonce's "Upgrade U" and Hall & Oates' "Maneater." But the clip splicing Missy Elliott into George Michael ("Get Ur Faith On") absolutely rocked.

If you see DJ Ron in the booth tonight, tell him congratulations. With his collaborators Lenny B. and Tommy Dorsey, collectively known as Piper, he scored a No. 1 on Billboard's dance chart two weeks ago with a remix of Kimberley Locke's "Band of Gold" (yes, the Freda Payne standard). It's a strong companion to Piper's smash club remix of Wynonna's Foreigner cover "I Want to Know What Love Is." Get there tonight around 10 p.m. And don't even think about out-blinging Ron.

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