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Next Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of Fireplace Whiskey Journal's premiere issue, which included, amongst other things: Bruce from The End's top albums of 1987. We reproduce them here verbatim:

1. Document - R.E.M.

2. Electric - The Cult

3. See How We Are - X

4. Lord of the Highways - Joe Ely

5. Darklands - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Not bad. At least Bruce didn't fall for Permanent Vacation, like some of the others who submitted their lists. Anyway, the reason for this post is that FWJ, which Tracy Moore's "Never in Nashville" story calls "snarky" and "contentious," is now online. It's funny. It contains lines like: "If this record is a party, I'd rather watch Michael Dukakis' eyebrows grow."

Touch the demon burger. Touch it.

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