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Hope all you lovely and cantankerous Cream readers are having a swell holiday. None of us is technically in the office right now, but we still busted our asses last week to give you an issue today. Here she blows: Bare Is My Mind? Bobby Bare Jr. covers up with his ace Pixies and Breeders tribute act. (Playing Friday, 28th at Mercy Lounge). Rock ’n’ Roll Poll: The local rock scene on the local rock scene. Read what locals had to say on the year in Nashville rock. Smokin’ ’Grass: For the jam-band set, Del McCoury’s music is a mind-altering substance. (Playing Monday, 31st at the Ryman.) -- See Jack's outtake from the interview below. Our Critics' Picks: Chicago Afrobeat, Be Your Own Pet, Grand Palace Christmas Bash, Is She Weird, Is She White w/Teenage FBI, Casey Driessen, On Command, and a shit-ton of New Year's Eve shows, including The Features, How I Became the Bomb, JEFF, Meemaw, Left Can Dance, Walk the West and all the locals you love to hate.

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