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2007 is wrapping up ya'll, so in this issue we asked our critics to list the year's top records (or in the case of bluegrass, events) in their respective beats. Feel free to weigh in with your own top fives or tens from this past year, and of course point out glaring omissions. Next week, look for our second annual rock poll, where we ask local musicians and promoters to wax candid about local music, as well as whose ass they'd like to kick most.

2007 Revisited: Our critics list local faves in rock, country, Americana and bluegrass.

Our Critics' Picks: Starlite Dine & Dance Club's 55th Anniversary Party, Maura O'Connell, Tanya Tucker, Paris Bennett, Club Sportag's Holy Night, Leon Russell, Ralph Stanley, Nite Nite Before Christmas Black on Black Party & more.

Our own Brent Rolen interviews John C. Reilly about Talk Hard.

And if that's not enough, amuse yourself with this year's Boner Awards. This batch is particularly robust.

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