Top Five Reasons I'm Excited to See Kelly Clarkson on Monday



Did you miss us since we been gone? Zing! This Monday, American Idol Kelly Clarkson finally makes it to Nashville (though there are rumors she may be moving here). The show is at the Ryman, I'm going and I am crazy pumped. Here are the top five reasons why:

5. The show isn't being sponsored by some kind of lame local music collective.

4. Downgraded from an arena tour due to slow-moving ticket sales, this stage show should offer a more stripped-down version of the pop princess—unlike her woeful halftime performance on Thanksgiving day. Do those appearances really help move records?

3. Performing at the Ryman is sure to bring out her down-home, girl-next-door, hey-y'all persona—but I have my fingers crossed that she'll let some sassy barb against her unsupportive label slip out.

2. Besides seeing Carrie belt it out at the CMT awards, and my visit to the Idols Live! Tour, and my backstage meet-and-greet with Sanjaya et. al., this will be the first time I've been in a room with a real life Idol star! (Though my best friend from high school did appear in a community theatre production of Zombie Prom with Justin Guarini when she was 13.)

1. "Since You Been Gone" still fucking rocks.

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